Oya Gilbert

Oya is a podcaster, a father of 3, and a notable artist in the Delaware hip-hop community. He was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma on December 26, 2017, and since then, has turned his pain into power. One thing that has never changed about Oya from pre-cancer until now? His ability to talk! He’s the hilarious co-creator of The Dying Laughing Podcast, which pokes fun at the more humorous sides of cancer. Oya has also partnered with organizations like Pfizer and the LLS to support health equity in black and brown communities, and he co-leads the “Mason-Dixon Line Myeloma Misfits” support group in Hagerstown, MD. Oya plans to absorb as much as possible at ASH23 and is excited to network with other advocacy organizations and individuals.

Follow Oya on X: @grandgrizzo
Support Group Website: Mason Dixon Line Myeloma Misfits